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Read This Before Using Pressure Washing in Orlando

Pressure washing in Orlando may seem like a straight-forward process. You have a few professionals come to your home with the right equipment and they blast away the dirt that’s accumulated on your walls or roof. It’s not quite so simple, though, and picking the wrong company could be a costly mistake.

Why picking the right company for pressure washing in Orlando is so important

Prepping for paint:

This is a common reason for pressure washing. You’re going to repaint the surfaces of your structure, but you can’t do it before removing the mold, mildew, dirt, or lichens that have attached themselves. In some cases, chemicals may be needed.

Cleaning surfaces:

Most of the time, this is why pressure washing in Orlando is needed. You simply want to remove dirt and water stains that have accumulated over time to improve the appearance of your home. Most of the time, a pressure washing with a high-powered jet of water will do the trick. In some cases, though, abrasive chemicals may be needed.

Roofing projects: 

Whether you’re hoping to improve the appearance of your home, or prevent potential issues, it may be necessary to hire a pressure washer to treat the roof. This is the most sensitive type of pressure washing, as using too much power can cause serious damage to the roof.

Deck projects:

Whether you hope to stain your deck again, or want to remove dirt that’s built up on the surface, having it pressure washed can do the trick. These projects aren’t that difficult, and even someone with little experience can typically handle them. But, if the project is rather large, you may need to rely on someone with more experience.

Four basic types of pressure washing in Orlando

Pressure washing in Orlando isn’t just a simple process of blasting dirt off of your siding with a high powered jet. Instead, it involves analyzing the stains and types of dirt that’s present on your home, deck, or roof, and figuring out the best approach to eliminating them.

The equipment and chemicals that might be perfect for your deck could cause damage to the paint or siding on your walls. A company that doesn’t understand the difference could cause some serious troubles by using the wrong stuff.

When it comes to having your roof pressure washed, things are even more sensitive. Using too much power could cause the granules in your shingles to blow loose, leaving your roof in an undesirable state. With too much damage, you could end up needing to replace the entire roof. MacAttack takes care of your roof and safely navigates the cleaning to leave your home in pristine condition.

What can go wrong with pressure washing in Orlando?

First, if the wrong equipment is used there’s a possibility that your walls or roof could become damaged. Orlando area pressure washing doesn’t simply mean using a hire-powered stream of water to blast away anything that’s accumulated. It means picking the right equipment for the materials being treated.

Pressure washers in Orlando also need to know which chemicals to use on different materials. Using the wrong chemicals can cause the paint to become damaged. It can also lead to serious trouble with your roof. In some cases, chemicals aren’t even necessary.

Picking the right company means evaluating their experience. Check for references and testimonials on the web. Companies that provide references are likely to be doing a good job – how else would they have references handy?

Can You Handle Pressure Washing in Orlando on Your Own?

As stated above, hiring pressure washers in Orlando seems simple, but can be rather difficult. Doing it on your own might seem like a cost effective way to get around this challenge, but it can introduce additional problems.

If you choose the wrong equipment, or use the wrong chemicals, you could cause more harm to your property than you realize. One home owner opted to handle his Orlando area pressure washing on his own, and he blew square feet of shingles clear off the roof. The resulting expense was far more than he would have paid if he hired someone who specializes in pressure washing in Orlando from the get-go.

Questions to Ask a Pressure Washer During the Evaluation

You might not know a lot about pressure washing, but asking these questions can help you pick the best company for your needs:

• Could you describe your pressure washing process? What about staining and sealing?
• Could you tell me what kinds of cleaners you use?
• What types of pressure do you use on different surfaces (hint: 800psi for wood, 700psi for vinyl, 60psi on the roof. If they use more, ask them to explain why and how that’s safe).
• How often do you recommend I have the house cleaned (hint: annually)
• Are you bonded, insured, and licensed?
• Where can I see before and after pictures of the work you have completed?

We’ve provided hints, where possible, to indicate the “correct answers” for pressure washing in Orlando. For the other questions, you’ll have to determine which answers are right for you. You may not care if the pressure washer is bonded or licensed, for instance. (We are!)

All of these questions are designed to help you protect yourself (and your home) from unscrupulous companies providing pressure washing in Orlando.

Evaluating Orlando Area Pressure Washers

Okay, now that you understand why it’s so important to pick the right pressure washing company, how do you actually go about doing it?

Follow this step by step process, and you’ll end up hiring the right company for pressure washing in Orlando every time:

  1. Gather a list of pressure washing companies by turning to the phone book, or searching the web
  2. Call them all and ask the questions listed in the next previous section
  3. Ask for references and actually check with them
  4. Schedule an appointment for an estimate and get a written quote before the contractor starts the work

Follow these steps and you’ll find that your pressure washing in Orlando goes smoothly.

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